Painted Doors We Love

                     Painted Doors Bring Simple Charm and Change
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Eclectic Kitchen Done Right

This Eclectic Kitchen is One of Our Favorites!
The Ladder that Goes Across the Top
adds an that Architectural Touch that We Love.
The New Rustic Chairs gives Warmth and Personality.
The Green Door adds that Coveted Eye Appealing Green.
Even the Round Rug is Different and Works well in this Kitchen.
.Mix and Match. But of Avoid the Uptight "Match Everything" Look.
Be Creative
You can Find many of These Decor Items and Make Them Your Own
Have Fun, Enjoy Your Space and Your Life.


Transitional Bedroom

We Love These Window Coverings with the Rich Dark Wood Floors.

Prefer a Slight More Modern Look Without Over Kill?

This Charming Bedroom has a Modern Look. But, it Keeps a Feeling of Warmth and Relaxation Due to the Warm Color of the Natural Wood Floors, Along With a Touch of Orange and Camel Pillows.
The Warm Blue Walls also Keep this Room Comfortable, with a Very Eye Appealing Molding Design. The Molding Design itself, is a simple DIY Project. And it Adds a Touch of Class. 
We Love this Look! It's an Easy DIY Room. What do you think?


Farmhouse Bathroom Refreshing Vintage Charm

Charming Look with a Very Vintage Theme

This Simple and Rustic Wall Display is a Delightful Touch

The Simple Life includes Pleasures that Fulfill Our Desire to Create.
If You do Oil or Acrylic Painting, or Use any Other Type of Medium to Create Art,
This is a Nice and Simple Way to Display It.
You Can Find Great Treasures Like this at Places Like Estate Sales, Flea Markets, Ebay and Etsy. Whatever You Choose to Do, Remember to Keep it Simple and Choose
  Things You will Love and will Bring you Joy.


Inviting and Warm Rustic Loft Style Family Room

Relax and Read a Book, Meditate or Kick Back and Watch  a "Feel Good" Movie 
This is a Peaceful Room that Begs one to Relax and Unwind.
This Look Can be Easily Achieved. It's Not Complicated in it's Decor Style.

This is Look is One to be Copied and Added to your Favorites.
You Can Shop For the Same Look at Many Online Shops like, Ballard Designs,
Pottery Barn, Houzz, Overstock, Home Decorators, and other Great Less Pricey Stores.

The Sliding Door Installation is a Great Touch and Easy to Do.
You can Also Achieve The Look, Even if you Don't Have the Light Creamy Wood Walls  and Ceiling.

Be Creative, Choose Similar Paint Colors, add a Chair with a Touch of Pale Green Like Seen Here. Help it to Rhyme by Adding a Pillow or Two with a Touch of Green. 

Avoid the Idea that Everything Has to Match-that Never Works, If You What a Unique Look that is Your Own, and Shows Your Personality.
Keep it Simple-Uncluttered- 

Go Ahead and Please Your Own Eye and Senses.
Live the Simple Peaceful Life and Surround Yourself with What you Love.
Beauty is in The Eye of the Beholder. Make it Your Own Beauty that You Behold